Tarja Meristö

Tarja Meristö, D.Sc.(Econ.), is a principal lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences working as an expert on wellbeing and business and the leader of the FuturesLab Cofi research team. She has over 30 years’ experience as a business futurist within diverse lines of business, e.g. machine industry, health and wellbeing, and information technology. She has worked at Partek Ltd. and Rautaruukki, Kamensky Consulting and the Finland Futures Research Center. Since 1999, she has lead CoFi, first as a part of Åbo Akademi, and since 2010 at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. She has executed over 300 scenario and foresight projects and is a pioneer in futurology with a significant input on the methods and concepts used in the field. She also has many years’ experience on innovation management and especially on combining futures studies with innovation management e.g. visionary concept design methodology.