Soile Pohjonen

Soile Pohjonen (Doctor of Laws, Trained on the Bench, Title of Docent in Comparative Law and Jurisprudence, University of Helsinki) principal researcher in MORFEUS, works as a Senior researcher in SimLab, Aalto University. She has previously worked in University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law. In addition to academic career, she has worked as a judge, a practising lawyer, a prosecutor, in human rights organizations and in a trade union. She has written about comparative law, feminist jurisprudence, family law, contract law, contracting, public procurement, mediation, criminal law, international law as well as proactive law and proactive contracting. Proactive Law and Proactive Contracting are international (originally Finnish) cross-disciplinary approaches. Soile is one of the founding members of this cross-disciplinary network between scholars and professionals (which started in the turn of the millennium). Soile’s present interest lies in public procurement contracting as collaboration processes.